SOLD Target Box Oil on Canvas


SOLD Target Box Oil on Canvas


 Mixed media collage on canvas by Jerome Walker (1937-)  Signed Walker and dated '65, London  lower right .  Measures 52"x40.5".  Titled verso.  Presented in original frame.


"It has been said that, during the writing of a novel, a character in the book will suddenly change personality or take the story being written down an unexpected new path into a totally different plot that had never even occurred to the book's creator. Artists call this experience "the happy accident" and it's a joy when it works in the painter's favor.

This is a welcome phenomenon in my newer, more abstract paintings which are begun as totally non-objective pieces with no preconceived notion of what will come out of the slashing and splashing of color, mass and line. At a certain point in the opening round, I somehow instinctively know that it's time to leave the painting alone, cover it up or turn it to the wall and not look at it until the next day. That is the point at which one begins to really "see" what the painting is about and where it wants to go and what it is trying to say, not what the artist consciously wants to convey. Of course, decades of experience in drawing and painting can only help at this intuitive moment! Then begins the enhancing and development of all the strange shapes and colors that seem to mean something of importance. At a certain point, somewhere around the first half of the painting, the canvas might reveal in a flash where it is going and a title might even pop into mind.

And so the canvas and the painter dance along together, adding some things, removing others (with a few happy accidents along the way to spice things up a bit) until, finally, it has nothing more to say to the artist and it would be folly to try to force the process to continue. Adding a signature in the corner of the canvas is the painter's equivalent of the writer's last two words in a novel: "The End."

Jerome Walker was born in Peoria, Illinois but grew up in the small coal mining town of Harrisburg in southern Illinois where he studied art for four years at the local high school and created drawings for the school newspaper and yearbooks. At the age of seventeen, while still a junior in high school, he was hired as Assistant Art Director at the new television station just opened there.

Walker was basically self taught in Fine Art until he received a scholarship from the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied for several years before leaving to be a full time painter. He was soon exhibiting in many galleries as well as invitational exhibitions in Chicago, as well as nationally and in London and Paris. He has been, at one time or another, a freelance illustrator, art school teacher, designer and joke writer as well as a Senior Art Director for one of the world's largest advertising agencies, spending a great part of each year in Hollywood.

Now living in southern California with his wife Julie, Walker's paintings have exploded with bold strokes and exuberant, vivid colors, as in the series, Julie's Garden and Other Oddities of Nature as well as a series of small canvases, Your Friendly Robot Pal, inspired by Douglas Adams' book, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - all this in spite of the fact that he is legally blind in his right eye and has severe astigmatism and a great deal of color blindness in the other.

He is a past member of AIA (Artist's International Association), London, (where he lived for two years) PAC (Participating Artists of Chicago), ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), London and AGC (Artist's Guild of Chicago).

Scholarship, Art Institute of Chicago. Left after several years of day and evening classes to pursue painting full time.
Studied Animation at Columbia College under noted animator, Gordon Sheehan.

Chicago Academy of Fine Arts: set up their first Printmaking Department and taught etching and drawing classes.

Bernard Horwich Center, Chicago
Americana Gallery, Chicago
Mundelein College Gallery, Chicago
"Arena Series", Adele Rosenberg Gallery, Chicago
"Zebra Drawings", Adele Rosenberg Gallery, Chicago
"New Works", V. Price Gallery, Chicago
Pro Grafica Arte, Chicago
Bernard Horwich Center, Chicago
Auerbach Gallery, Chicago
"Works on Paper", AIA Gallery, London
"Christmas Present" Adele Rosenberg Gallery, Chicago
"Two Monoprint Men" Gerald Bernard Gallery, Chicago
"Union League Club" Invitational, Chicago
Bernard Horwich Center Invitational, Chicago

"Chicago Response " show, Bergman Gallery, U of C, Chicago
U of C, Cobb Hall, Chicago
U of C, Dekalb, Ill.
Graphic Arts Council, Certificate of Excellence, (Drawing), Chicago
"Spectrum" exhibition, Chicago
PAC exhibition, Illinois Inst. of Technology, Chicago
Suburban Fine Arts Center, Chicago
Columbia College, Chicago
Crucible Gallery, Chicago
Art Associates Gallery, Chicago
Ravinia Arts Festival, Chicago
"Prints & Drawings", University of Wisconsin
"Dealer's Choice", Chicago Sun-Times Gallery
Francis Parker School Invitational, Chicago
Chicago Artist's Guild Award (collage)
Faculty Exhibition, Chicago Academy of Fine Arts
Chicago Magazine Invitational, Chicago Civic Center
Rosenstone Gallery, Chicago
Pac Invitational, Chicago
Union League Club Invitational, Chicago
Bernard Horwich Center Invitational, Chicago
Joachim Gallery of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Regional Show, San Diego Art Institute, (SDAI) Nov. 2008
Regional Show, SDAI, Dec. 2008-2013
Small Images Show, Gallery 21, Jan. 2009
Athenaeum Arts Library Juried Show, La Jolla, CA. August, 2012
Gordon, Weiss & Schanzlin Vision Institute

Artist's Collaborative of Chicago, Folio, 20 original serigraphs by members. Limited edition of 130 copies.
Davenport's Art Reference and Price Guide, 1983-4 Edition.
SANE Calendar Book: "Art by 12 Artists."
Art Buzz 2010 book: Honorable Mention.
Who's Who In American Art 1983-4 Edition.
International Contemporary Artists, Vol. III book.
Art Buzz 2012 book: Honorable Mention.
International Contemporary Artists Vol. IV book.

The website of the artist, courtesy Jeffrey Taylor

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